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Prize Eludes Sid

The contestants

The prized dachshund of Annesley House, Sid, entered the Port Fairy dachshund race for eternal glory and honour of Portland’s best accommodation. Clusters of dachshunds stood mingling on the grass of Southcombe Park, tails wagging and ears perked, eagerly anticipating the race that would crown the fastest dachshund in the South West region of Victoria. Sid, having had strict training before the race, stood confident amongst his competitors. His training regime consisted of (and still does) running to greet guests in a flurry of excited yelps and playing with young children who take an immediate liking to our playful and adorable puppy. However, he was up against some tough competition and it was going to take every ounce of his elongated body and his stumpy legs to get him over the line.

Smug confidence

Sid & Sam Hurdle

Sid Checks Out The Competition

First up was the hurdle race, requiring each competitor to jump over a series of approximately 8cm hurdles. With legs measuring just up to 10cm it was going to be a tight squeeze to clear the jumps. With the crowd’s cheers echoing in his ears, Sid took off galloping over the hurdles with his beloved Sam by his side. However, becoming easily distracted from the woofs that followed him, Sid veered off the path and placed a disappointing 8th.

All hope was now pinned on the final race, would Sid take away the title of the fastest dachshund in the region? Owner Mark Robinson commented, “He has been training for the big race for a year now since his dismal failure last year, I certainly think him capable of taking away the title.” Sid lined up with the others raring to go, at the finish line waited his beloved Sam with “ratty thing” & some treats. As the word ‘Go!’ was yelled, the dachshunds, living up to their name, dashed to the finish line. It was all going well for Sid who was placed on the outer track in an attempt to keep him focused but confusion soon developed. The squeaking of toys and the desperate calling of names proved all too much for Sid who promptly turned around and bolted in the opposite direction. As the dogs crossed the line and the glory was handed to the winning dachshund, Sid was coaxed across the finish line into the arms of his beloved Sam.

Head low and tail between his legs the disappointment was bitter as Sid proved to be the slowest dog in the South West region but here at Annesley House we argue that he is by far the cutest dachshund in the region. Perhaps third time lucky will ring true next year as Sid will fight to regain the honour of Annesley House & Portland.

Sid & Sam After The Race

We might not have the fastest dachshund but our guests and critics agree we have the best accommodation in Portland, Victoria!

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