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This time it’s gone too far!

The beloved 1949 Ford, Prefect of Annesley House was recently charged with soliciting for goods & services on the side of the road.front

All charges were subsequently dropped on the undertaking that it would behave in future, hence this very reluctant sale.


Young men or women are you after a “chick/dude magnet?

Elegance & style sum up this rather sexy sexagenarian. Hey it worked for your grandparents!

This car was engineered post war with the sole purpose of enabling the driver & passengers to have a good old fashioned British knees up in the back seat.

This model of Prefect is unquestionably responsible for the post war baby boom.


Under the hood is the 10Hp engine, producing a top speed of 60km/hr: the Prefect will need a good long nap for anything over!


This car is fitted with a three speed gear box with first gear cleverly placed where reverse is normally located. Oh those British were such pranksters!

It has a taxi sign mounted on the roof so you can show you are available whilst out cruising.

Like many of us not everything works as well as it once did.

Requires a little Botox, nip & tuck in some places.

Comes with many spare parts – if only we were so lucky!

About the only thing it doesn’t come with is a sticker saying “don’t laugh – your grandmother maybe in the back”.

My price on this wayward Prefect is an incredibly low $5,500 (with 11 months registration), but I’ll entertain reasonable offers.

Please don’t contact me unless you are serious as I’m going cruising one last time.


Ladies the taxi sign is switched to available!

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